Route Transportation

ATS will continue to offer service to STEM/Hulstrom Options for the 2013/2014 school year.  
The Red Line will now be called the Gray Elephant and the Gold Line will be brought back as the Brown Bear.

A few things will change this year!  We will be charging quarterly and not monthly.  There will be not be a one way payment option.  To ensure fairness to all we will have one set price per quarter. There will be a discount of 25% for a one way or  for additional kids from the same family.  Payment must be made before the first ride of the quarter.  Each route must maintain 50 paid riders or the price will be adjusted accordingly instead of the route be cancelled.  

Gray Elephant:
Rocky Mountain Elementary School   7:00am         3:45pm
Legacy Ridge Pkwy and Stuart St       7:04am         3:41pm
Legacy Ridge Pkwy and 109th Circle  7:06am         3:39pm
Ranch Reserve Pkwy and Decatur St  7:09am         3:36pm
112th and Decatur                               7:12am         3:33pm
Rosanna and Livingston                      7:18am         3:27pm        

Arrive/Depart                                       7:30am         3:17pm

Quarter Fourth Quarter 

Quarter Four Gray Elephant Discount

Brown Bear:
Bradburn and Quitman                        7:00am          3:45pm
Broadlands Pool                                 7:10am          3:35pm
136th and Westlake                            7:13am          3:32pm
Quail Creek Park                                7:15am          3:30pm

Arrive/Depart                                      7:30am          3:17pm

Quarter Four Brown Bear 

Quarter Four Brown Bear Discount


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